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Function and effect of bamboo charcoal

The bamboo charcoal is made of moso bamboo of more than three years at high mountain, which is burned under high temperature of nearly a thousand degree. The bamboo charcoal has porous structure with fine, and porous and hard molecule, which is featured by powerful adsorption capacity, air purifying, moisture absorption and mildew proof, bacterium resistance and parasite expelling. Contacting with the human body can remove the moisture and absorb sweat, and promote human body blood circulation and metabolism and relieve fatigue. After scientific refining processing, the product has been widely used for the daily life.

1、Antibacterial and deodorization effect

Owing to the numerous holes in bamboo charcoal carbon, it has powerful adsorption decomposition ability, and can release and absorb sulfide, nitride, methyl alcohol, and benzene and other harmful chemical substances, decompose foreign matter, is capable of resisting bacteria and eliminating odor, protecting against pests and germ.

2、Moisture absorption and breathability

The bamboo charcoal is capable of absorbing moisture, and breathing and perspiring. In case of high ambient humidity, the bamboo charcoal is able to absorb moisture, and can also release moisture in due time when it is dry.

3、Air purification and freshing by anion

The bamboo charcoal can produce anion which is good for the human to make the air fresher and cleaner, activate the body's metabolism, promote blood circulation, prevent aging process, and stable the autonomic nerve and emotion.

4、Healthy far infrared ray

The bamboo charcoal can produce natural far infrared ray to warm the body internally, and activate the body circulation and molecules in the cell, so it is very helpful to the human health.

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