Product FAQ

Q:How is the quality of the company's products?

A:Our company has the longest development in the industry, with 34 years of production and research and development experience. Most of the materials are produced by world-renowned materials companies. We have a 100,000-class dust-free workshop, 13 automated production lines, and strictly implement ISO quality standards. The products are exported to Japan, America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries, and the products are favored by domestic and foreign customers.

Q:How is your after-sale service?

A:Through the agreement, we carry out the strict order processing process and follow the whole process to ensure the fast and efficient circulation of the goods. Keep track of the use of all products in time, and your satisfaction is the goal of all our after-sales service staff forever.

Contact Us

Contact: China FEP Co., Ltd.

Phone: 13338886888

Tel: 400-8283-848


Add: Xinghua wearing kiln industrial zone Taizhou City, Jiangsu China